This week saw a lot of smaller additions across many different modules. A short summary of each is given below.


A new AdvancedRails module was created to store all relevant features from AdditionalRails, fixed. This week I extracted the locomotive cart. It was missing a NetworkComponent, adding which solved two issues. Work on joining it with minecarts is still required.


Basic additions were made to the combat system this week. Issue #33 was solved which fixed networking of the quiver UI. Basic pistol and gatling gun prefabs were added and these weapons can now be used in the module.


- Metal Renegades #12

- DynamicCities #44
- Metal Renegades #9
- Metal Renegades #13
- AdvancedRails #1
- AdditionalRails #31
- CombatSystem #39

To do

  • Fix Rails #39 and #45
  • Add loot able wild animals