This week was a struggle through multiple network issues I encountered while implementing a very innocent-looking feature - item drops on player death.

WalletSystem NPEs

The last post described the issue in detail. This week I fixed it which not only removed the NPE but also improved the Wallet UI for clients.

Player Drops

Issue #33 happened because the CombatStartingInventory got entities from authority which it just gave to the player inventory. So all items irrespective of the player were owned by the authority.

This was an issue as DropItemRequest first checked for ownership of entities. Fixing that allowed me to implement player drops relatively easily.

- MetalRenegades #30
- MetalRenegades #34
- MetalRenegades #35
- Economy #11
- CombatSystem #42

To Do:
- Multiple network issues with markets and combat
- Complete documentation and create the final post